10 Crucial Questions Your Exhibition Stand Designer Should Ask About Your Business

According to a recent survey, there are more than 10,000 trade shows in the U.S per year,  and this leads to over a trillion dollars in financial impact on the economy. What this should mean to you is that you want to find an exhibition stand builder that is of top-notch quality that will be able to understand your vision and put it into an elaborate exhibition booth. When you have an excellent looking stand at the right convention or trade show, you can boost revenue and exposure for your organisation significantly. However, even if you have a great exhibition stand going to the wrong trade show or convention can be a waste of time or resources.

You will obviously want to pick the best trade shows for your brand through the year while displaying targeted marketing that showcases the benefits and brand of your organisation. When you are fully prepared with a marketing message that is proven to work and an organised sales team that is savvy, knowledgeable, and driven you will need to an amazing exhibition booth designer to complete the details.

The importance of choosing the right booth designer

The worst-case scenario that could possibly happen to any organisation or business would be to have an exhibition stand that does not capture attention or even worse if it causes damage to your brand identity. If you have a failed exhibition booth then you could be missing out on potential customers. According to a recent survey, more than 80% of attendees of trade shows and conventions have buying authority. If you have an exhibition booth that is poorly designed and put together it will put a real strain on your image in the industry you are featured in.

Your exhibition stand will either make or break your chances of success at a convention or trade show. You will need to hire an exhibition stand builder that completely understands your desires and objectives as well as your brand and what you need to do at the next trade show you attend. Below are included a list of 10 specific questions that every single exhibition stand designer should be asking you to completely make your trade show exhibit a smashing success.

The 10 most important questions every exhibition stand designer should ask you.

  1. Will this be a longer term trade show program or is this a one-time event?
  2. What are the intended desires and goals for the particular trade show program? These questions can include things such as launching a new product, getting a certain number of product demonstrations per day with new leads, gaining orders at a show, capturing leads for sales follow-ups and to build further business relationships with existing customers.
  3. What is your current brand logo, colours and specialised guidelines that are best suited to represent your organisation, business or product?
  4. What type of trade show space is available? Is it a peninsula, an island, an inline and what kind of space requirements and restrictions will there be?
  5. Have you ever used exhibition booths before and do you have any photos of them? What did you approve and disapprove of from the old booths in terms of how they function with the goals in mind for the current upcoming event?
  6. Do you have a Pinterest account and what images and inspirations are available on your organisations’ account?
  7. Are there certain colours, styles, fonts, or other aesthetic effects and material that feature your organisation or brand?
  8. What do you require for setting up and taking apart the booth including shipping and storage?
  9. What does your marketing look like for your brand? What do you have to offer that represents the brand? Does your existing website match your branding? Does your website have marketing brochures, specialised packaging or collateral that best promotes the brand?
  10. What is the main goal and brand or position of your organisation at the trade show as it relates to the industry? Is your organisation or brand identity that of a hungry startup company? Are you a new brand that wants to stick out? Are you a major company who wants to make an impact? Are you already a known brand but need a marketing refresh and powerful message?