How to find & hire the perfect home interior designer

Have you bought a new home and do not know how you should furnish or decorate it? Are you fed up wiht your current style in certain rooms and would like something new? Then you should call an interior designer.

Always Plan a Budget Before Starting an Interior Design Project. Image credit: Quizzle

Most projects are too time consuming and demanding to manage by yourself, not to mention that it is better to have someone with experience to make good use of the space available while taking into account important aspects which will make your house feel like home. Residential interior designers will have extensive experience in how to furnish, decorate and remodel, with the main aim to bring out the very best in that room or the entire house. So you are set to benefit when you hire an interior designer. After all your house is your biggest investment, and it is where you spend most of your time.

Hiring an interior designer has become a norm for many home owners. As a result there are many interior designers on the market and this leads to a problem – how are you going to choose the right designer out of them all? There are certain things you need to take into account and some background research you should do before hiring an interior designer.

Ask Your Interior Designer to Present Visual Concepts. Image credit: SketchUp Blog

First of all you need to devote some time on researching different interior designers to learn more about their experience and qualifications, and more importantly, get a good idea of what type of projects they were able to do. Portfolios and customer reviews will be indispensable in helping you make a well informed decision.

Tips to Hiring an Interior Designer

  1. Set up a consultation with several interior designers. It is best to have them come to your home so as to review the space internally and externally themselves. During a consultation you will be able to discuss key areas, such as your preferred style, any specific preferences and your budgetary limits. The designer will explain what he/she suggests and what his/her ideas are, along with the costs involved.
  2. Review their current portfolio so as to get a better idea of what they were able to come up with in other homes. This will give you insight on their experience and preferred styles.
  3. Cost transparency is an important matter on any residential refurbishment project. You want your house to be beautifully designed but you need to ensure you keep a tight grip on spending. Your interior designer should understand that and be transparent when it comes to telling you what costs are involved, as well as whether he/she charges an hourly rate or a fixed fee.
  4. The designer’s project management skills will matter a great deal, especially if there are going to be several rooms involved. The interior designer needs to be able to manage several workers, and see to the materials required and works in progress like a real professional.
  5. Another important issue is interior design project time keeping, especially if you live in the house while there are works in progress. The interior designer should set a deadline and stick to it so as to reduce the inconvenience and any problems arising as a result of inefficiency or a lack of reliability.

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