How to fix your Sky+ HD box stuck on standby

If your Sky+ HD box seems to be stuck on standby, you may wish to follow the instructions below so as to try to fix it. Unfortunately, the Sky+ HD boxes are notorious for failing and freezing so this is a very common problems amongst Sky customers.

First off, it is important to check if the problem lies with the remote control or with the box. So you will need to go through the process below first.


Sky+HD Remote Control. Image credit: Steines

Checking your Sky Remote control

Press ‘Sky’ on your remote and a green light should come up on the display of the Sky+ HD box. Try browsing through the menus to see if the remote and box are working. Should the light on the Sky+ HD  box remain red, then it means that it is not responding to the remote.

Checking the Sky+ HD box

Press the Standby button on the box and if a green light is displayed on the front panel then the problem is just the remote control. If the light does not turn green, but remains red then it means that the problem is coming from the Sky+ HD  box.

The Sky+HD Set-Top Box. Image credit: Trusted Reviews

Restart your Sky+ HD box

Unplug the box at the mains and disconnect all devices. Then, switch them all back on and a red power light should be shown on the Sky+ HD box. Wait for three minutes and press Sky on the remote control. A green light will show up on the Sky+ HD box. If this is not the case and a red light is displayed, move on to the next step.

Downloading the Sky+ HD box software

Unplug the Sky+ HD box at the mains, as well as any devices, including your TV. Then, press the Backup button and do not remove your finger from it. This is very important as you need to keep pressing it and at the same time switch eveyrthing back on. After about half a minute four lights should be displayed on the front panel of the Sky+ HD box. At this point you may release the Backup button. Now the Sky+ HD box is in download mode and it will take about 5-10 minutes for the download to be completed. Then, when the download has been completed the Sky+ HD box will automatically switch itself off and show one red light on the front panel. After three minutes you should press Sky on the remote control to switch it on and if all went well a green light will be displayed on the box.

In case the software download does not run, that is, the four lights on the box do not appear, then you will need to contact Sky TV so as to schedule a visit by an engineer as in all probability there is a fault with your Sky+ HD box.

There is also another option which should be used as a last resort. This involves resetting the Sky+ HD box through the front panel as follows:

  1. Switch off the box and other connected devices at the mains.
  2. Press the left and right arrow buttons on your box, and hold them down.
  3. Switch the box and devices back on while continuing to hold the arrow buttons. Within a minute the recording and playback circle on the front panel should illuminate.
  4. Release the arrow buttons.
  5. Press Select on the box two times so that the box will start performing the System Reset.
  6. Once the process is completed the box will switch itself off and show a red light.
  7. Wait four minutes and reconnect and switch everything back on.
  8. Press the Sky button on the remote and the box should now show a green light.

If all else fails, you can of course opt to purchase a brand new Sky+ HD box direct from Sky or another reputable local supplier.

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