How to Get Your Own Garden Office Building

Work from Home in Your Own Timber Office

A growing trend among homeowners over the past few years has been the popularity of building garden rooms to expand their living areas. Most of the time these garden rooms are created for either home offices or studios. There is an unlimited number of options available for the types of designs you can use to build a permanent living area.

Built a lot like modern timber-framed homes, garden rooms essentially use both the same techniques and materials. Garden rooms are also highly insulated meaning they keep a good temperature which means they can be used all year long. Many people will choose to build a garden room by themselves and there are two possibilities when going this route. You can either buy a kit and build it yourself or you can build your garden room completely from scratch. Self-build kits are the easiest option with many companies that offer high-quality kits as a quick and simple method to build a garden room on your own. The only downside to using a pre-built kit is that it limits your design options as you will have to choose a specific design already created. However, if you have your own design ideas you can always build your own garden room.

The first things you will have to take into consideration when designing a garden room are the rules and regulations of planning and building permits. Your areas planning and building regulations will have to be followed when you are designing your garden room.

When it comes to building a foundation for a garden room, most people will simply go with a slab of concrete. However, nowadays plinth foundations have become more popular with methods such as Jack Pads and Swift Plinths being used to build bases. They are easy to install and require very little site preparations. They can also be made from recycled materials and can be removed easily if the garden room is ever going to be taken down.

SIP Panels Are a Lightweight & Cost-Effective Way of Insulating a Timber Building. Image credit: Garden Office Guide

Most garden room suppliers will favour traditional wooden frames however you can also use Structural Insulated Panels as well. While timber frames are more common, with SIP panels you can get the manufacturer to precisely cut your panels as needed.

When you are choosing your roofing a common choice is using insulated roof panels. They form both the interior and exterior of the roof. You can also use different materials such as Asphalt shingles, Cedar shingles, and even slate tiles. You will need to design your roof so that it can handle the weight and prevent any form of leaks.

The doors and windows are the next important feature of your garden room. Using house quality doors and windows are common for garden room designs. It is best to utilise as much natural lighting as possible to get the most from your garden room.

Most garden room interiors are lined with MDF panel boards or vinyl coated boards. A more expensive option for the interior is using fully plastered interiors just like houses. Birch plywood lining are a popular option as well when it comes to style. For your floors, there are many options including using carpet, tiles, rubber or linoleum.

Real Wood Floors Look Amazing in a Garden Office Building. Image credit: Ecospace

You will need electricity to run to your garden room. We highly recommend that you hire a professional electrical contractor. Your garden room will need its own electrical consumer unit which would be connected to the main house supply via a cable buried underground that extends out to your garden room. You will also want to include telephone, audio, internet and phone lines buried along with the electrical cable.

To create completely self-contained garden office buildings you will want to install toilets and full shower rooms to complete your room. You will need to hire a professional plumber and follow the rules and regulations that are required for building in your area. You will need both a sewage connection as well as a fresh water supply implemented into this design.

Both designing and building your very own garden room can be a great project that you can hire a contractor to build for you or you can take your time and do it yourself. By building a garden room on your own from scratch you will massively cut down on the expenses associated with the building. By designing it yourself you will get exactly what you require for a fraction of the price it would cost to purchase a pre-built garden room. However, if you are not one for doing it on your own, there are also many different garden room companies you can choose from that can provide you with a quality room for a range of different prices, features, and designs.


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