How to give your kitchen a makeover with new cupboard doors

Kitchen transformations on a budget

The first thing that anyone tends to notice about a kitchen are the cupboard doors.

There are obviously several doors in your kitchen, depending on how large it is.

And in most cases it is the doors that end up being subjected to the most wear and tear due to cheap melamine coatings that flake, crack and peel.

Opening and closing them countless times, kids trying to open them and banging them closed, spills and scratches – these are just some of the things that kitchen cupboard doors face.

Needless to say, over a number of years, they are going to end up in a rather unpleasant condition.

So, if you want to give your kitchen a facelift, the first thing you need to consider is to direct your attention and efforts to the kitchen cupboard doors.

Kitchen Doors with Peeling Melamine Surfaces Look Awful. Image credit: Home Depot

First off, if you simply replace the kitchen cupboard doors you are going to make a considerable difference on the look of your kitchen.

You can go for a completely different style and colour, and this will practically lead to a new kitchen.

One of the most important things to bear in mind is to retain the same size of each door so as to eliminate any problems when it comes to fitting the new doors.

Other than that, simply buy new hardware in the same type as the current one, and you can order new cupboard doors at a professional company that specialises in custom woodworking and made-to-measure cabinetry.

Fitting the new doors to the kitchen is very simple and quick.

And hey presto – you will have a new kitchen at a fraction of the cost of installing a new one, and without all the stress and mess that you would have had to go through.

There is also the option of keeping the current cupboard doors, but giving them a whole new finish.

You would need to remove them carefully, and wipe them clean in preparation for re-coating.

In that way you will be able to examine their condition and consider what you can do to give them a newer and cleaner look.

As long as there are no big or deep scratches which cannot be filled and sanded smoothly and neatly, you are good to go!

Makes sure to mark each door so as not to get confused which one goes where when you go to attach them back to your kitchen.

Preparing Your Doors for Painting is Vital to Getting a Perfect Finish. Image credit: Confessions of a Serial DIYer

In most cases sanding the cupboard doors and then applying a new coating of paint will manage to make a big difference in the way they look.

Make sure to spend enough time sanding, wiping and painting or spraying each door so as to give it a neat finish.

It may be best to apply more than one coating, and make sure that you buy a suitable product according to the material your cupboard doors are made from.

This will guarantee the best results.

Allow them to dry well between one coating and another.

Once you are satisfied with the final look, you can then attach them back in their respective positions in the kitchen.

If you are going to opt for this option make sure to choose a colour that will complement the kitchen top and any other features in your kitchen that will remain the same.

Both of these methods are definitely way simpler and more affordable than ordering and installing brand new units and will definitely deliver you one of the most amazing kitchen makeovers possible without spending huge sums of money!

And by giving your kitchen some much needed love, you’ll add a ton of value to your home.

So if one day you decide it’s time to contact local removal companies and sell up, you are safe in the knowledge that you have a far greater chance of selling your home faster.

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