What’s a Family Law Solicitor & What They Do

Family law is without a doubt one of the most common¬†and one of the broadest legal fields. A family law solicitor will be dealing with matters that concern one or more members of a family, due to legal issues such as divorce, child custody, guardianship, spousal abuse, adoption, child rights, annulment, and property settlement issues. It’s a wide ranging and complex area of expertise.

Separation Causes Great Stress on Children. Image credit: CBC

Family lawyers basically come into the picture whenever there are certain family disagreements and problems that have gone on a more serious level. Thus family lawyers handle a wide range of legal matters and issues. In some cases, mediation and some negotiation may resolve the matters, but in other cases the only option is to resort to a court hearing. In such a case the family lawyer will be representing the client in court. He or she will be preparing pleadings and filings, as well as attend the trials and proceedings. Needless to say a family issue is already of great distress. Therefore hiring a family law solicitor who can help in simplifying one’s life at least in the realm of legal intricacies is very important. In most cases, one will lean on the family law solicitor’s experience and guidance, as most people will not know what really needs to be done to resolve such issues legally. Therefore, a family lawyer can offer the much needed assistance and some peace of mind that one’s rights, especially when it comes to issues such as division of property, and child custody, are being properly handled.

The family law solicitor will be handling a lot of things such as preparing witnesses and documents, filing the necessary court papers, preparing for trial, and also investigate the case in detail so as to let you know where you stand from a legal point of view and what course of action is most suitable in your case.

Mediation is Necessary When Divorcing Couples Cannot Agree. Image credit: Huffington Post

Division of assets and liabilities arising as a result of a divorce is one of the most common issues family lawyers see to. There will also be spousal support involved. However, legal issues relating to child custody, child support, visitation rights, and guardianship tend to make matters even more complicated. This gets more complex in cases where there is child neglect or abuse. So when children are involved, there are going to be more demands and problems as there could be termination of parental rights, or there could be disagreements between the spouses as they might both insist on taking care of the child or children. It is very important to hire a family law solicitor who has considerable experience in the matters that you are dealing with, as his/her experience will be imperative when it comes to reaching a good verdict for your case.

Family law is a highly rewarding career, but definitely a very demanding one. It is challenging and interesting, as new issues are bound to arise from day to day. Clients will vary in terms of their expectations and situations, and a family lawyer will thus need to be empathetic, understanding and professional throughout their¬†service. Family lawyers end up being both negotiators and litigators, and this is definitely not an easy thing to do, especially since people’s emotions and futures are at stake. Many family lawyers find that it is critical to have some understanding of counselling and people skills, and needless to say, they also need to be good communicators.

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